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After LIFE report

The objective of the SMART Natura project has been to develop new relations between landowners, advisers and municipalities. SMART Natura is a EU Life communication project, for which reason it has also been a goal in itself to disseminate the knowledge about cooperations tools and active involvement, and thereby ensure that the knowledge acquired in the project lives on after the project is officially over.

In this After LIFE report you can read about all the products and activities in the project. All products were prepared in the project and will be available on the website 5 years after the project has ended. In this way it will be possible to find inspiration and all relevant tools for new employees or other people interested in the project who did not hear about during the project lifetime.

In the project we have involved people from our target group to ensure that the Natura 2000 Handbook would become as relevant and topical as possible for the users - the individual municipalities and the agricultural advisory services. Thereby we ensure a better anchoring and understanding of the tools.