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Layman's Report

Know your role and responsibilities in a nature project
- Landowners, graziers, municipality & adviser

The objective of the Smart Natura project is to develop new relations between landowners, advisers and municipalities. The project is based on the idea that dialogue and interaction between authorities, advisers and landowners provide the best results for all parties. Increased cooperation between these parties will help facilitate the implementation of the Natura 2000 action plans and thus ensure a favourable conservation status of habitats and species within Denmark’s Natura 2000 areas.

The cooperation between landowners, municipalities and advisers can be approached in many ways. Experience shows that the best results for both landowners and municipalities are achieved when the cooperation is planned from the beginning and not just a random coincidence. If many landowners want to cooperate in a nature project, the results are normally best if it takes place in close cooperation with the municipality and the advisers from agriculture and forestry.

How can you help and what is better left to others better equipped to solve the task?