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Leaflet - Welcome to a natural partnership

New action plans aim to ensure the cultivation and care of the 246 Natura 2000 areas in Denmark. But how do we implement the action plans most appropriately with respect for the individual landowner? SMART Natura is based on the idea that dialogue and interaction between landowners, advisers and authorities provide the best results for all parties.
The project is a joint venture between the Municipality of Vejle and SEGES. The project will run until mid-2015 and is funded by the EU LIFE programme.

I the project's first leaflet "Welcome to a natural partnership" we have described:

  • Objective and focus
  • Specific objective of the project
  • Phases
  • Cooperation
  • Pilot areas of Grejs River Valley and Egtved River Valley

Read the leaflet below:

Smart Natura leaflet