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Natura 2000 Handbook - Landowner dialogue and cooperation

The objective of the SMART Natura project is to identify, develop and disseminate new methods and tools to ensure cooperation and voluntary agreements between authorities and landowners for the benefit of nature, the people using it, as well as the people managing it.

The work has resulted in a handbook aimed at everyone working with the implementation of the Natura 2000 action plans – municipalities, advisers as well as landowners. The handbook is trying to provide specific suggestions to the cooperation between municipality, landowner and adviser, but it cannot be used as an answer book to be followed slavishly. It is based on experience from all of Denmark, but mainly from the municipality of Vejle.

If you have additions or comments on the contents of the handbook, we would be very grateful to hear from you -–Please contact Susanne Øster Sørensen on:

We hope that you will enjoy reading about our results in the Natura 2000 Handbook!