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11. Jun 2014
On 19 February 2014, the Municipality of Vejle had invited to a landowner meeting regarding conservation of meadow and grazing areas in Egtved River Valley. The meeting was held at Spjarupgård, Bindeballevej, Egtved, and 22 landowners from the area participated.
03. Jun 2014
On 5 March 2014 a small group of three from the Municipality of Vejle and the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture visited Germany to get insight into the German way of securing landowners’ involvement in conservation of Natura 2000 areas. The meeting took place in Kiel where the local administration of “Naturpark Westensee-Obere Eider” is located.
02. Dec 2013
The project aims to develop and disseminate methods and tools to ensure a smooth and cost-effective operation and management of the unique natural habitats in the 246 Natura 2000 areas of Denmark through cooperation and active involvement of landowners.
30. May 2013
The active involvement of landowners has paid off. Through various initiatives - such as individual meetings and a large joint workshop - we have now been granted funding for clearing and fencing projects of more than 100 ha in Grejs and Egtved River Valleys.
23. Apr 2013
The second landowner meeting was held in Upper Grejs River Valley on 23 april 2013.
28. Aug 2012
Radio broadcast in Danish from P4, Danish Radio
28. Aug 2012
Article in Danish from LandbrugsAvisen
28. Aug 2012
Article in Danish from SEGES

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