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Pilot areas

Smart Natura will accumulate knowledge and experience from two pilot areas.

The areas are Egtved and Upper Grejs river valleys. The pilot areas are included in Smart Natura because both areas are included in the Natura 2000 plans. In brief, the plans provide the recipe for improving nature in the individual areas up to 2015.

By the end of 2012, the municipalities and the Danish Nature Agency must have action plans prepared on how to reach the goals of the Natura 2000 plans.

Draft action plans for the two pilot areas were at public hearing from 8 June to 8 August 2012. The final action plans are to be completed by 8 December 2012.

Download the new leaflet: Experience from the pilot areas
This leaflet relates to our work in Smart Natura and the experience, we have gained up to now. We are starting to see the outline of methods and tools. Read about the experience from our two pilot areas. Download the folder here

In the Egtved River valley, the Natura 2000 area covers 1043 ha, of which the state owns 37 ha.
The habitat area of Upper Grejs River valley includes woods and open areas along Grejs River and Faarup Lake.

Experiences from the two pilots

About Smart Natura