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Ambassadors ensure voluntary agreements

Landowners with special support in the local area and good skills in the area of cooperating with municipalities and other stakeholders are essential to the aim of setting up voluntary Natura 2000 agreements between municipalities and landowners.

This is one of the preliminary conclusions of the EU project, Smart Natura, established by the Municipality of Vejle and SEGES.

In the pilot area of Upper Grejs river valley, Niels Jørgen Bechmann is a good example of a landowner who has the confidence of everyone and at the same time supports the general idea of protecting vulnerable nature voluntarily.

Combining interests
By virtue of his interest in combining the protection of nature with landowner interests, Niels Jørgen Bechmann spends part of his spare time acting as ambassador for the local Natura 2000 project, or as he calls it, being a catalyst for the process leading to voluntary agreements between the municipality and the landowners in the river valley.

More specifically, Niels Jørgen Bechmann spoke to every landowner in the area ahead of several joint meetings between the landowners and the municipality. This dialog has ensured that the individual interests of the landowners have been taken into account, which resulted in a joint application for subsidies to the clearing and fencing of a substantial part of the area. These measures will ultimately, through grazing of the area help protect the vulnerable nature in the river valley.

See the video with Niels Jørgen Bechmann – in Danish

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